Oakville Homes – House or Condo?

Buying your first home is one of the biggest and most expensive purchases you will ever make. A detached home with a backyard has long been the dream of buyers, but the growing Oakville condo market presents more options for homebuyers at a lower price-point.

Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:



Oakville New Home Developments

Purchasing a house allows the owner control and freedom over design and style. You get to choose your colours, do your own landscaping without having to get approval from a condo board first.

A house is a good choice for buyers who are more hands on and are looking for a bit more space. The price points for getting into a house are also much higher, so buyers will need to be financially ready for all the additional costs that come with home ownership.

A house is a great for buyers who:

  • are comfortable with handiwork and maintenance
  • want privacy
  • want more control over design
  • are able to afford upkeep and maintenance
  • are looking for a space that they can grow into

To see a list of current Oakville homes development, click here.


Oakville New Condo Developments

A condo can be a great choice for low maintenance or first time buyers. If you have a busy life or aren’t very handy, then owning a condo can be a no brainer.

The amenities offered in condos can also be a great perk. Many offer a gym, party room, pool and more. All of these come at a monthly fee, but for most it’s worth the fees to have all amenities at your fingertips.

Condos in Oakville also come at a much lower price point than houses making it much easier for first time buyers to get into the market without being overwhelmed and stretched too thin financially.

A condo is a great choice for buyers who:

  • wants easy access to amenities such as a gym and party room
  • wants their space to be move-in ready without worrying about upgrades
  • doesn’t want the responsibility of maintenance and repairs
  • is ok with paying maintenance fees
  • don’t mind living in a large community

To see a list of current new condo developments in Oakville, click here.

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