There has been an influx of new townhouse developments in Oakville making it easier for buyers to get into the market and easier to maintain that home once you get in it.

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Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to buy a townhouse:

1. More Affordable

Buying a townhouse residence is less expensive per square foot then buying a family single, making townhomes the perfect choice for professional couples and young families. If you buy a townhome you’ll be sure to get a lot more for your budget.

2. Lower Maintenance

Townhomes require less external maintenance because you typically only have two sides of the property exposed to the elements. They also tend to have more maintenance-friendly gardens, and you might even save on heating by having neighbours either side.

3. Child Friendly

Townhome communities are great for young families and have plenty of space for children to play. The beautiful streetscapes around the Bohemian community are perfect for young families to enjoy the outdoors together.

4. Sociable

 Living in a townhome can be more socially rewarding than living in a single, because you are not detached from your neighbours. This makes people more sociable and creates the opportunity to get involved and be part of a community.

To view a complete list of current new oakville townhouses for sale, click here.

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